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Here you can find Networks and Projects which are engaged in the issues of gender, diversity and equality in the Arctic region. You can visit each Network’s website, or write to the contact person directly.  

If you can contribute to these endeavours we would be very grateful. Please contact Embla at The Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network regarding other Networks and Projects which are not listed here and are engaged in gender, diversity and equality in the Arctic issues. We welcome your feedback.




Gender in the Arctic Research Network, University of Hamburg

The main goal of our research network is to analyse the causes, consequences, dynamics and local variations of changing gender relations in the Arctic.

J. Otto Habeck | Contact | Website


CircumPolar Gender, the Arctic University of Norway

The Network is based on the conviction that gender is one of the keys to an understanding of both polar history and the contemporary cultural and natural processes.

Anka Ryall | Contact | Website


Gender in the Arctic IASSA Working Group

In the Arctic, queer identities and issues are rarely discussed in public, especially in Indigenous communities. The workshop examines these experiences and practices from both an academic and activist perspective.

Rauna Kuokkanen | Contact | Website

Kvenréttindafélag íslands

The Icelandic Women’s Rights Association

The focus of our work has been increasing women‘s representation in politics, eradicating gender income inequality, increasing the number of women in the police force and the judicial system.

Brynhildur Heiðar- og Ómarsdóttir | Contact | Website

International Arctic Science Committee

International Arctic Science Committee, Social & Human Working Group

Our scientific interests: Arctic residents and change; histories, perceptions and representations of the Arctic; securities, governance and law; natural resources, use, exploitation and development: past, present, future; human health and well-being.

J. Otto Habeck | Contact | Website

Nordic Co-operation

Nordic Co-operation

The Nordic countries have worked together for over four decades to improve gender equality in all aspects of society. Gender equality between the sexes is a condition for the success of the Nordic Model and a pillar of the modern Nordic welfare states.

Anna Rosenberg | Contact | Website

Nordic Information on Gender

Nordic Information on Gender

Gather and strategically disseminate research, policy, knowledge and practice in the area of gender equality in a Nordic and cross-sectoral perspective.

Contact | Website



Women of the Arctic

Women of the Arctic

Women of the Arctic seeks to fill this critical gap and reach beyond the academic sphere to illuminate the stories and perspectives of a broad range of women.

Malgorzata (Gosia) Smieszek | Contact | Website


online Program for UArctic Congress side event "Women of the Arctic"

Building on ongoing academic efforts to better understand gender in the Arctic, Women of the Arctic seeks to carve out a non-academic space for women and girls who work on or live in the Arctic to explore the roles and contributions of women to northern policy-making, research, exploration, art, activism, and daily life.

Malgorzata (Gosia) Smieszek | Contact | Website

United Nations Millennium Development Goal

Gender equality in the Arctic II

The aim of the project is to establish a circumpolar cooperation network of experts that could, in close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, continue to address the current realities and future challenges in this field for the benefit of the Arctic communities and residents.

Contact | Website

Nordic Information on Gender

Nordic Information on Gender Projets

There are several projects on which NIKK works on: Nordic Gender Effect, Online hate and violence, Men and Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries and Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region.

Contact | Website